Understanding orthotic design, as well as manufacture, is what gives us the edge.

Your devices will be custom designed and custom made.

How your supports should fit

The orthoses pictured here show the difference between a truly custom orthotic and one which is made using computer-generated library profiles. The bottom device fits exactly while the top does not support the arch of the foot and may even force the foot into a position which is detrimental to the patient. The top image is a device which was sold to a patient as a custom orthotic at a cost of £450. Many patients are now being sold or issued orthotic supports which do not fit accurately and which may actually exacerbate their symptoms.

At The Northern Ireland Foot and Ankle Clinic, we adhere to the very highest ethical and clinical standards when designing making and fitting our devices. Each pair of devices is unique to the patient and each pair is made by hand using what we call the “Rolls Royce” approach. 

Over the past 30 years, we have developed a reputation for making some of the finest in shoe supports and ankle braces available anywhere.  Our devices have been described by experts as the Rolls Royce of orthotic supports. Among these is the newly developed Ease Forward Ankle Rocker System which literally replaces the movement of a damaged ankle joint. If you require any further information on our devices do not hesitate to contact us. 

Custom Design and Manufacture is Essential

Using Arch Flanges

In severely flattened (pronated) feet we employ a design feature known as a medial flange. This flange has two principle benefits. Firstly it gives the orthotic greater control over a larger surface area of the foot. This is particularly important as the second benefit is that controlling your foot motion over a greater surface area gives a lower force in any one part of the device and therefore makes the device more comfortable.

The orthoses below show this clearly. The left device while fitting the arch curvature, does not flare up around the arch into what we call the “Red Zone”. This is the area where most of the control of the device is exerted. The right device flanges up around the cast and will give strong yet comfortable control in this vital area of the foot.

Our Casting and Manufacture Method

At The Northern Ireland Foot & Ankle Clinic we use various methods of casting the foot and ankle. From simple foam impression casts to full foot and ankle plaster casts.  What happens next is what really makes the difference. Your cast is filled and stripped out to form a plaster positive. The positive cast is then cleaned and balanced. Before being used to vacuum your custom orthotic shell. We guarantee that no computer profiles or preformed shapes are used in our manufacture process. Finally, the shell is balance posted and covered with a suitable covering material.