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Based in the centre of Glengormley village The Northern Ireland Foot & Ankle Clinic has been treating painful foot and ankle conditions for over 30 years. As one of the UK’s leading centres for the non-surgical management of foot and ankle pain the clinic has developed a reputation for achieving successful outcomes.  The clinic’s testimonials demonstrate a proven track record of results that you can trust.

With its own state of the art in-house orthotic laboratory, the clinic boasts a quality of service which is unrivalled, with an emphasis on designing and producing the finest in-shoe orthotic inserts and ankle braces available anywhere. The clinic’s devices have been described by experts in the field as the Rolls Royce of orthotic supports. At a time when more and more clinics are using Pseudo(pretend) custom devices, the Northern Ireland Foot and Ankle clinic devices are guaranteed to be fully custom/bespoke designed and manufactured on a cast of your foot or ankle.

The clinic is also the only supplier of the revolutionary Ease Forward Ankle Rocker System which literally replaces the movement which is often lost in injured or arthritic ankle joints  By returning your foot or ankle to its proper position or by improving the movement of the joints of your foot or ankle we can both reduce stress and improve mobility allowing you to walk pain-free once more.

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About David Hallowell

David Hallowell is a former clinical tutor specialising in Podiatric biomechanics and orthotic manufacture. He was the biomechanical consultant in Musgrave Park Hospital (Military wing) for over 20 years.

In the 1990s he pioneered the use of some of the first 3-dimensional foot scanners which he brought from the USA in cooperation with the Bergmann Orthotic Lab. He is the founder and managing director of Footcare N. I. Ltd one of Irelands longest established custom orthotic manufacture laboratories. In 2005 he designed the “In Boot” orthotic which creates a unique boot lining which supports the joints of the foot and ankle without the use of a brace. In 2010 he designed and began manufacturing the “Ease Forward Ankle Rocker” which is now worn by patients throughout the world from Ireland to Australia.

He regularly speaks at Podiatry, Physiotherapy and Orthopaedic conferences through Ireland and the UK. He has had several papers published on the subject of orthotic therapy. David is the founder, owner and lead Podiatrist at the Northern Ireland Foot and Ankle Clinic where he is responsible for all patient assessments and for orthotic prescription design and manufacture.

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